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It took an hour to set up a simple poem. Now I can’t remember what I did. Well, enjoy the poem while I have another go.

Im Daddys Little Princess

I spilt my juicetwice this morning,

before I went to school

It was mothersfinalwarning;

I broke her golden rule.


In class I found an old crayon,

I used it on the wall.

My teachershe didcarried on;

She didnt like my scrawl.


There’s a boy in schoolhe won’t share,

his name is Peter Kirk

He scribbled a word on my chair;

he really is ajerk.


At lunch I told him he was rude,

I got blamed for thatsmut!

He said I had an attitude,

I kicked him in the butt.


I hid behind the toilet block,

ripped the ears off his bear,

and stayed out there til two oclock

Call my mumIdontcare.


At three I took a ride home on the bus

and thought about my day

My brother made anawfulfuss,

I think Ill run away.


Oh no! there’s Mum tapping her foot;

Shes waiting at the gate

I wonder nowshould I stay put,

or take my daily fate.


But Mum, it wasn’t really me,

That’s all I can recall

Im Daddys little princess see,

and he wont mind at all.

Chrissy Siggee

穢 Chrissy Siggee

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Riverside Peace (the poem)

Theres something about a river
that draws me to its side
Effortlessly advancing
toward a lake or sea.

With abundance of freshness
its filled with life and health
Uninterrupted flowing
beyond the distant fields.

From gentle humble beginnings
– a fact of life itself
Amazingly appealing
amid a lonely past.

Whispers of the river embrace
the peace renews my mind
Majestically embracing
yonder pathways I see.

穢 Chrissy Siggee

Archived in
Poetry Mix by Chrissy at Riverside Peace