What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Jubilance radiates tranquil moments,
Young lovers pursue tender embraces–
Neighbourhood children join in games
Sweet aromas saturate festive appetites
Families share in united harmony.

Midnight services fill the churches,
Choirs sing in joyous proclamation–
Nativity scenes and dramas unfold,
Ascended praises announce His birth
Jesus Christ, Saviour and Lord.

Silence falls before the dawn,
Christmas excitement awakes the birds–
Gifts exchanged and children squeal,
Doorbells ring of kith and kin
Celebrations unfold with festive feast.

Church bells echo through the town,
God’s people gather near and far –
Scripture is read of our Saviour’s birth,
Mankind raise their voices with carols sung,
Christians celebrate the birth of Christ.

© Chrissy Siggee


The Christmas Star

It twinkles high above the earth
Once glistened on a royal birth—
Encircled by an angel’s choir
Proclaiming God’s desire.

Shepherds feared that dazzling light
Attending their sheep that holy night
It lured wise men from afar—
Vowed to follow this shining star.

Jesus was born in a cattle stall
Found wrapped in a shabby shawl
Beneath a clear night sky—
His mother Mary sits nearby.

No matter where we are
You can see the Christmas star—
Look within your heart He called,
It’s the brightest star of all.

© Chrissy Siggee

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It’s That Special Time of the Year

Giggles, Christmas trees and sweets,
Holly wreaths and jingle bells—
It’s that special time of the year.

Gift shopping, carols and holly,
We wander through decorated stores—
It’s that special time of the year.

Granny smiles and Poppy winks,
Sharing secrets and candy canes—
It’s that special time of the year.

Garland hanging on the door,
Wishing festive Christmas cheer—
It’s that special time of the year.

Greeting cards to choose and mail,
Sending wishes to someone dear—
It’s that special time of the year.

Good times remembered and shared,
Missing loved ones no longer here—
It’s that special time of the year.

God’s son, Jesus birth remembered,
Nativity scenes and Christmas plays—
It’s that special time of the year.

Glory to the new born king,
Remembering the reason—
It’s that special time of the year.

© Chrissy Siggee


Heavenly Angels Sing

A king is born today,
within a stable full of straw—
This baby in a manger lay,
is what the shepherds saw.

He came to earth to breathe as man,
to live, to die for us all—
This was God’s own plan,
what shall I bring the Father’s son?

Worship in humble adoration,
to this child our offering bring—
Praise, love, faith and hope,
heavenly angels sing.

© Chrissy Siggee

Archived in: Christian Reads

Don’t Waste Those Christmas Cards

We sing our Christmas carols
and pray our saintly prayers—
We decorate our Christmas trees
and share our Christmas cheer.

We are tempted to dispute,
a waste on Christmas cards—
Buy a ten-for-a-dollar pack
and write some worthless words.

Do we ever take the time
to choose a better card?
Do we really want a Santa
who drives a flying sleigh?

There’s something more to Christmas
than dashing through the snow—
A message of the new-born King,
is what I want to see.

Scenes of Mary and her child
with shepherds kneeling near—
Angels in the realms of glory,
announcing Jesus’ birth.

Do you see the Christmas star
reflect against the sky?
Those tiny specks of glitter dust
bring gladness to my heart.

Treasures of the Saviour’s birth
displayed upon each card—
To decorate our mantle shelf
and hung in every room.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
three very special gifts—
Each to honour the new-born King,
asleep within a stable.

I want to share the joy I feel,
with every card like this—
Each one affirms our Father’s gift
and hope to all mankind.

So precious is our Savour’s birth,
we need to spread the news—
It’s time we took a stand
and share Him with the world.

Take some time to choose a card
it’s really not that hard—
Perhaps you could design your own,
but make it from your heart.

Come; let’s rejoice in His birth,
spread the news, Christ is born—
Choose a card that declares the truth;
don’t waste those Christmas cards.

© Chrissy Siggee


Glimpses of His Glory – (the book)

🦋  Glimpses of His Glory. 🦋


I can’t imagine this universe without being able to see God’s beauty all around me. There’s nothing more beautiful than God’s creation. It’s as much a part of me as my Saviour himself. Everything he created was to His will and glory, and nothing was made by accident.

– Chrissy Siggee

Discover how God works through his creation and Scripture to show us his love. This 100 page book has been given a new look and is now available in most countries. It will make the ideal gift for just about anyone who enjoys God’s creation and words of encouragement. Why not buy two and keep a copy for yourself.

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Poems from the Heart of Our Mum – the book

Poems from the Heart of Our Mum


The author Ruth Barrington (nee Lawson) had written poems most of her life but she had never had the opportunity to published them. Chrissy introduced her mother’s poems by publishing six of her mother’s favourites in Glimpses of His Glory.  After her mother’s death in 2011, Chrissy’s father expressed his desire to have more of Ruth’s poems published. Chrissy committed herself to the task of publishing her mother’s writing for her father and the rest of the family. Chrissy and her three siblings also contributed a poem or brief article dedicated to their mother.

Please note, except for Emmaus Way, only minor editing has occurred to Ruth’s Poems. These are her thoughts, her words – from her heart. Making huge changes would make these poems the editor’s poems and for this reason, Ruth’s work has not been altered.

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GLIMPSES OF HIS GLORY – Chrissy Siggee — Miriam Jacob, Oxford Academic, Oxford University Press, Reviewer/Co-Author

A big thank you to Miriam Jacob for this review.

Dear friends, please kindly view and read here: via GLIMPSES OF HIS GLORY – Chrissy Siggee — Miriam Jacob, Oxford Academic, Oxford University Press, Reviewer/Co-Author

via GLIMPSES OF HIS GLORY – Chrissy Siggee — Miriam Jacob, Oxford Academic, Oxford University Press, Reviewer/Co-Author