NEW Categories on Riverside Peace

You will notice in the right column of my website Home page that there is a few new categories. This is because when I checked the number of posts in Christian Reads there were almost 100 posts there and other categories had less than 20 posts.

The new categories are as follows:
Christian Poetry
Christian Reads
Christian Devotions will remain as it always has and I thank those followers who have indicated that they use this category for their Sunday Devotion. I post a devotional post most Sundays, Sydney time. On the first Sunday of the month I post a Bible verse inspired poem and on the last Sunday I try to post a Christian article etc.

Also, Stella’s Plight, my new short story. Chapters will be posted here over the next few months beginning in July.

Thank you to all my followers. Be blessed as you have blessed me.

Thank You Followers

Thank you all for your on going support of Riverside Peace during my January break. I think I have finally caught up with your many comments left on my archived posts. Over the next ten days I will read and catch up on your posts and I will like, comment and seek out my first Tuesday reblogs for 2019.

Although my intentions for writing throughout January were honourable, it didn’t work out quite the way l planned. My less than 3-month-old laptop died due to what I learned from the store where I purchased it, had a faulty battery. However, I did get some writing done on the days I was at home with my desk top Apple PC and I hope you enjoy my new posts of poems, short stories, devotions and photographs coming soon. – Chrissy