We’re packing up and leaving town!

Yes, we have sold up and heading to a better climate. The next few weeks will be hectic so I will only be online as time allows. I have scheduled some new posts and some archived posts for you to enjoy during that time. I will of cause try to respond to comments when I can. Your websites and blogs will be my only reading when I have the pleasure of down time but I may not have time to leave you more than a “like”.  I will leave a new post when we’re settled enough to return to a more normal routine. Thanks to everyone ahead of time for supporting me on Riverside Peace.

24 thoughts on “We’re packing up and leaving town!

    • We’re packing as little as possible and getting the removalist to pack. This will be move number 22 in 38 years of marriage. We’re been in Sydney for 9 years but in this house for 6 years. 19 of the 21 moves were by the RAAF. The current house was always going to be a temporary but circumstances kept us here a bit longer.

      This move is our choice; just later than planned. This move is for our retirement. 🙂

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