Winter blues and moods.

There hasn’t been much work done in the garden since the rains came and winter cast it’s shadow over the backyard. Yes, it’s starting to look like a garden but what lies beneath is a soggy mess.

The deciduous potted trees and plants are doing there job allowing the strip of sunshine through to the veggies around mid morning.  I think most of the plants and shrubs are located somewhat in the best positions for future seasons but at least pots can be relocated if needed.


The long timbered area at the back is a council requirement for rain water overflow. However with no drainage or a good foundation under the lawn, the sump only drains the water away from the inside. Any excess water builds up under the turf and during and after heavy rains, well you can see the water line where the backyard floods.


The only things immediately under the turf are mud and pipes. No preparation was done before turf was placed straight over the top. Norm and I have started on the worst areas and just placed pavers around so I don’t sink ankle deep in mud.


We have been spending warmer days in the under cover areas where we’re able to create a restful oasis or two.


We have plans for a complete removal of current turf to install a proper foundation of ag pipes, gravel and soil to raise the whole yard with gentle slopes toward new drainage along the rear. THEN, we can finished the main garden area.



I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace


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