Vegetable plots in…

View from our back verandah. One plot down, two to go.

We transplanted the pot bound vegetables into plot number one. (counting right to left.. The brussel sprouts and extra broad beans will probably stay in the confines of the polystyrene boxes until they have finished for the season.

The morning sun has finally found the courtyard. Winter is almost over for 2020.

Looking back up the newly paved path and drain with the morning sun behind me.


Many thanks to our son Ken for his expertise and honed skills with drainage and landscaping. Thanks also for being a wonderful and caring son. KMAS Property Maintenance & Landscaping

Archived in: I’m in the Garden by Chrissy for Riverside Peace

9 thoughts on “Vegetable plots in…

    • I’m hoping my research pays off. There are many Australian native trees and shrubs that thrive in the area but some we won’t be able to grow in the ground because of the crisscross of pipes below the surface.


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