Mathematics and the Cheese Board

While we were visiting Timbertown a few weeks ago, Norm and I spent some time looking at items made by a local wood craftsman. I mentioned to Norm that I would love a large cheese board but we found nothing that I liked or big enough. Norm said he could try and make one. This seemed a good idea because now that he’s retired he is often looking for something to do but this was not one of his academic projects. We were given the phone number of the suppler who invited us to his property to view his huge shed full of all his wood. Well, I fell in love with some beautiful pieces but they were much too big. We were able to take one home to see if would work but we returned it because it was too much work for Norm who had never attempted anything like this. As you can see all his measurements and calculations went out the window.

This was the piece we finally settled on. So, why the post title you ask? The cheese board measurements went out the window. (sorry it’s slightly out of focus. I had to almost go through the window to fit it all of it in the camera frame)
His first job was to make sure it fitted from the sink to the end of the bench perfectly, then fill the natural knots and crevices with liquid glass. This took several days. We had considered replacing the whole bench top but the price of a new kitchen wasn’t an option and to remove the original bench would be difficult because it was connected to the steel frame in the wall.
Then it was sanded and lacquered on both sides. This took another four days. In the meantime, Norm cooked meals outside on the BBQ or in the pizza oven.
From the living room side of bench you will see it has the natural edge. While waiting for it to dry completely we went to Coffs Harbour
The final look.

Not bad for an academic’s first handyman project except I still need a cheese board.

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