Goodbye, My Friend

It’s not really a final goodbye, my friend

because I know I’ll see you again.

The times we spent together,

cried and laughed

I will cherish always.


It’s all right now for you to go, my friend

because your many years of pain are over.

Those times we prayed together,

joy and sorrow

I will cherish always.


It’s time for you to be at peace, my friend

because we shared a secret or two.

The chats we often shared,

together and apart

I will cherish always.


It’s not the many years, my friend

because I could always count on you.

Those times I will think of you,

today and tomorrow

I will cherish always.


It’s the beyond tomorrow, my friend

because you will be here, in my heart.

The tears will come and go,

sadness and joy

I will cherish… always.

Poem by Chrissy Siggee

In memory of my dear friend Betty who went home to Jesus on Monday December 14th 2020.

Archived in: Poetry Mix

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