Norm’s got worms.

Norm’s worm farm has produced enough fertilizer to keep the garden well fed since we first planted seeds and seedlings into polystyrene banana boxes early last year. Today, after a good flush out I was able to fertilize all the vegetables and herbs in the plots and pots. Norm’s worms are thriving and so is the garden.

I couldn’t take photos while our hands were covered in worm poop but here’s a pic of the worm farm – front left.
Everything looks healthy. This past week we have picked spinach, lettuce, broad beans and leeks.
Even the the strawberries are doing well.

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17 thoughts on “Norm’s got worms.

    • Thank you for your sweet comments. What a wonderful idea for the homeless. Our church runs a soup kitchen for the homeless…take-a-way during Covid sadly. I don’t physically help there but I supply gluten free, lactose free and sometimes sugar free as needed. There’s always homeless who have diet requirements because of allergies, diabetics etc. They are real people with real needs. I’m no expert. Most of my planting is trial and error but I do like variety. Thanks again.

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