A Bargain and another Snap Lock-down.

We found these 2 black concrete pots on Gumtree, a local online market place similar to eBay. They were just $10AUS each. While waiting for the tiling to be completed we spent our time stripping the layers of old paint, sealed and painted them white. When the alfresco kitchen/dining is completed I’ll post update photos. Update: We have gone back into a snap lock-down. Our tiler can only do emergencies. Again we wait.

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3 thoughts on “A Bargain and another Snap Lock-down.

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  2. That truly is a bargain. Some of the things we find on gumtree are a steal. Hope you come out of lockdown soon. They say that the international borders here in Aus are going to open in November. Not sure what will happen then.

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    • I love a good bargain. Especially when it comes to the garden.

      It’s strange; our little city was locked-down because of 3 cases. Up the highway they have come out of a two week lock-down even though they had another 4 cases this week. Nothing makes sense.

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