Misty, hazy days

Too much rain lately but the heat is still causing growth in all areas of the garden. Pumpkin vines are weaving their long arms around and between the vegetable plots. Yesterday afternoon the air was steamy creating a haze throughout the garden. The new arch is beginning to blend into the back and foregrounds of a lot of the photos.

The Poinciana has finally come out of it’s winter’s rest. It’s branches are thickening up after it’s 2nd year in our garden pots. We won’t be re-potting again. I think this one will be big enough. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Misty, hazy days

    • Yes, I get surprised every day with how it’s growing. I planted so many things not expecting most to survive. The few that haven’t survived, I don’t usually replace. If I do, I plant it elsewhere. It’s a small garden but it keeps me busy.

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