White Picket Fence

I have always wanted a white picket fence. Because we live in an over 50’s lifestyle village, there are rules for height and colour etc. The local Bunnings store had these garden surrounds made from treated pine.

Day. 1 & 2. Painting the pieces.

Day 3. Joining the pieces together and marking the location of where each spike will go.

Tightening up the nuts, bolts and screws.
Just in time for a clean up before lunch.

After we had eaten Norm’s wonderful roast beef dinner cooked to perfection in the outdoor kitchen the rain came down in force. It was such a heavy rain we couldn’t see the new fence from the front window.

Over the next few days, I’ll touch up where the ends were cut as well as hiding the screw heads with white paint.

A job well done, Norm. Your handyman skills are improving.

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8 thoughts on “White Picket Fence

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            • That’s fine. I’m a bit sensitive of late. Too many of them dying. Yes, they seem sweet and gentle and I’d love to play with them but I do have a soft stuff koala that helps. 🙂 There is the odd koala that just seems to know he/she is being helped and they’re placid enough…until they’re well. LOL


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