Morning Sunshine

I was finally able to visit the front garden. While Norm weeded and dead headed I took a few photos of the late winter flowering lavender, Azalias and Gazanias. Even the Bougainvillea climbing the wall is bursting with colour. A few extra cottage garden plants need to be planted when Spring arrives.

The tub of pansies and zinnia potted daisies needed to be relocated temporarily for the ramp.

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5 thoughts on “Morning Sunshine

    • I was in the wheelchair behind the camera. Where I was sitting/rolling was on the paved roadway in front of the house. Later this morning we’re going to up grade my hire chair to one that I have more independence with. Norm will then try and relocate a few things in the drive that leads to the outdoor kitchen diner. I’ll see much more of the garden and watch the birds come in for their apples and seed.

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