Driveway Repairs Done.

Last week I promised to explain why the outdoor kitchen divider was in front of the clothes line. The past 10 days have been rather busy and messy around here. These photos will show the work we have had done on our long undercover driveway and the footpath on the other side of the house.

First was the repair and grind.

Then a sand. The foot path on the other side was also repaired grind and sanded too.

The prep and first coat of cement rendering took quite a while to dry and giving a few days to blend.

The second cement render took another day and a half before Jake the tradesman could walk on it to roll the first sealing coat. We decided on the roll-on instead of spray because of the close proximity of neighbours and also it would be 3 years before a reseal instead of 1 year with the spray.

The final coat of the sealer went on 3 days ago. 1 more day before the sealant will have had time to cure. Once it’s cured we can start washing the dust off the walls and side gardens. It will be another 3 weeks before we can start placing things like the divider and herb pots back in place. Then it will be ready to bring the car back in. Climbing over the gnomes in the front or out the backdoor, past the clothesline into next door to use the neighbours footpath is not fun but it will be all worth it.

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