Midday Shadows

According to Google, June 21st 2022 is the shortest day of the year for Australia.

Over the next two weeks, we may just spy the shadows beginning to creep back the other way back to greet the Spring.

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8 thoughts on “Midday Shadows

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    • In the beginning I potted as many plants as possible, watched where the sun and shadows would be throughout the year and moved pots to improve the amount of sun and shadows each plant needed. Some just didn’t survive and what wouldn’t, no matter where I moved them, I didn’t replace them. I think I have a better balance of larger shrubs and smaller potted plants to keep it compact but tidy. I no doubt will lose more while others thrive. If I had half of Jackie’s knowledge and experience, my garden would be a masterpiece. 🙂 I’ve learned a lot from your posts and Jackie’s garden.

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