As Requested with my Apologies

My apologies that the links did not work in an archived post that rescheduled a few weeks ago. Here they are. Please let me know if you have any further problems viewing each part. I also don’t like missing chapters of a book/story.

Memory of Dread –A Six Part Murder Mystery for the Christian Reader

Memory of Dread Part One

Memory of Dread – Part Two

Memory of Dread – Part Three

Memory of Dread – Part Four

Memory of Dread – Part Five

Memory of Dread – Part Six

Your Questions about my Poetry Book

Thank you for the emails I recently recieved from newer followers of Riverside Peace in regard to my poems and poetry book Glimpses of His Glory. I was thrilled to read them. I’m happy to answer any questions about the book via email and how to order. Feedback and questions can also be posted in the comment section of my Poetry Book Page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again.

Chrissy xx


Firstly, I’d like to thank my followers for being patient with me through January. I hope you enjoyed the holiday reading from my archived posts. Sorry for neglecting your blogs too but I’m back to reading again this week. I had a great month enjoying family – with plenty of time as well to write and take photographs for Riverside Peace. I hope you enjoy my new posts in the coming weeks.

See you again when you visit Riverside Peace.


Tuesday Reblogs – returning soon

I will continue to recognise followers ofRiverside Peace in 2019 from February by reblogging my favourite reads on Tuesday Reblogs.

There are many posts that I enjoy and I wish I could reblog them all. My hope is for followers to view the original posts and like and comment directly on the original posts… not on the Riverside Peace post – but please do let me know your thoughts.

Riverside Peace is an Award Free Blog and I won’t be setting up another Award either.Tuesday Reblogswill be my way of appreciating my followers on a regular basis. There’s nothing for followers to do to earn a reblog. Just simply keep blogging the way you do.

I will notify you if I intend to reblog one of your posts. Chrissy at Riverside Peace

Thank You Followers

Thank you all for your on going support of Riverside Peaceduring my January break. I think I have finally caught up with your many comments left on my archived posts. Over the next ten days I will read and catch up on your posts and I will like, comment and seek out my first Tuesday reblogs for 2019.

Although my intentions for writing throughout January were honourable, it didn’t work out quite the way l planned. My less than 3-month-old laptop died due to what I learned from the store where I purchased it, had a faulty battery.However, I did get some writing done on the days I was at home with my desk top Apple PC and I hope you enjoy my new posts of poems, short stories, devotions and photographs coming soon. – Chrissy